Quality Rock and Slate Water Features

Is This For Me?

Water Feature World supplies water features and other products to landscapers, landscape architects and nurseries.

Do you need an oasis to come home to after a hectic day at work? The sound of running water is sure to de-stress you at the end of the day...

Create an unique master piece. Combine different modular water feature tops to get unique designs. Impress your friends and family.

Our water features appeal to discerning gardeners that delight in their gardens. Create something new...


Quality Materials

We use only the finest quality materials which is crucial for lasting performance and durability under the constant flow of water

Rock Water Feature Qualities

  • Natural look: Our rock water features are natural looking and as close to nature as possible

  • Work of art: Our water features are a work of art. To make our water features unique, we highlight all indentations

  • Durable: We use the finest quality products, crucial for lasting performance and style. The constant flow of water tests the durability every day

  • Modular: Use a set as shown under the products page. Combine several water feature tops to create an impressive waterfall. Combine several of the ponds to create a river. The possibilities are endless...


Reliable Service

We are committed to working closely with our clients to achieve their goals. We fully understand construction and design. As a result we can structure an implementation to suit and achieve the ambiance you want

Slate Products Features

  • Modern look: Use our slate products in modern or contemporary gardens

  • Quality: They are elegant and strong because we use the finest quality products

  • Durable: We design and build for lasting performance and style

  • Modular: Water Feature World has stunning slate product designs to choose from. Head over to the slate products category on the product page


Outstanding Workmanship

Our designs are expertly fabricated and designed, because we specialize in concrete water features


Visit our showroom if you are looking for quality rock features to use in your garden. Our Water Feature World showroom shows ideas on how to use water features in a garden setting.

Water Feature World Display Gardens

Participating nurseries feature a Water Feature World display garden at the nursery. Clients can now see the products in a garden setting. Get some ideas there and buy our products from a nursery near you.

Interested nurseries can contact us to apply to take part in the Water Feature promotion.


DIY specialists can install our water features by themselves.

Water Feature World offers an installation service. Ask for a quote on the Contact Us page.

Create stunning water wise gardens by using our water features. We give free advice on how to transform your garden into a tropical paradise when you visit our showroom.

Competitive Pricing

Save by buying directly from Water Feature World or get your water feature from a garden center near you.