7.7 (Length) x 1.4 (Height)


Price is excl. VAT 

Comes with a 10m cable.
Excludes Installation.


This feature is open at the back - keep that in mind please.

It cant stand on its own - against a wall or to close at back.


1. Is this flat on ground or will it be on a slope?

2. Can we dig there or is there rock?

3. If possible, have the space ready and digging finished.

4. If on flat ground - do you have a plan as you must keep the height in mind and it is open at the back. 

5. Do you have enough bricks if we must install?
6. Is there enough soil?

7. We dont supply bricks and soil. 

8. If we must install feature and close it on site around - we have to quote for that seperately.

9. Is there easy access to the point of delivery/installation?

10. Keep in mind the trees - leaves can damage the pump.

11. Is there any help on the premises?

12. We use boulders around the features - if you need some - this will be priced separately.


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R14 915,00Price
Pump Or No Pump
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